"I live in the very small house, but my windows look out on the very large world."
An Illustrated History of my Travels    (by Oleg Baranovsky).
Devoted to all my friends who accompanied me on my not-allways-easy paths.

The DoubleSun World This project is nothing more than just an illustrated history of travels in the mountains of Ukraine with the photographs some of us have made. You can read about me and other authors of these pages here.

This story will grow continuously as we will make new travels and bring new fresh pictures. Probably it will have stories not about only Ukraine but other other countries we are planning to visit.

With this homepage I wanted to share my excitement, my admiration of Mother Nature and my enthusiasm with you and hope this will inspire you for your own travels and your own stories I will be glad also to read. Just tell me what you think...

Pictures from our trip to Crimean Mountains, Sudak and Novyj Svet during April 30 - May 11, 1998.
See also some pictures from my last travel to Ukrainian Karpathians and Mount Hoverla during August 21-29, 1998.

Eagle rock. Big Canion of Crimea. I. Foreword.

Sunrise in the Crimean Mountains near Alushta II. On the Trails of Crimea.

The Chapel III. Karpathian Pearl.

Novyj Svet. The Pine IV. Crimea. Sudak, Novyj Svet..

Mount Hoverla V. Karpathians. Mount Hoverla.

Laspi Rock. Black sea Coast of Crimea. Appendix A. Slide Show

The Church Near Foros Appendix B. Additional Slides

To be continued...

This project is in the process of creation. Please come back soon and see the changes being made.
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