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UA Zone, The Ukrainian Information Project
UA Zone Projects... (UA Zone dot net) is proud to present its currently running projects.
UA Zone is an open, publicly driven project aiming to promote information about Ukraine on the Internet.

Currently we have the following projects running as part of UA Zone Group effort:

  • UA Zone Main Page.

  • Ukraine Factbook -- things you should know when ariving to Ukraine.
  • Kyiv (Kiev) Travel Guide -- useful information for travelers.

  • UA Zone Photo Galleries -- Pictures of Ukraine.
  • SESNA -- Ukrainian Search Engine.

  • QuickPoll -- Ukrainian Free Web Polling Service.

  • Hryvnia -- Official Ukrainian Currency.
  • Hryvnia Currency Converter.

  • Ukrainian Poetry Library.
  • Digital Atlas of Ukraine.

  • Christmas Traditions in Ukraine.
  • Ukrainian Easter Eggs.

  • Weather Conditions for Kyiv (Kiev) and Ukraine.

    The UA Zone Group is now also supporting many public internet projects.
    Here is the brief list of some of them:

  • -- The Golden Gate of Ukraine. The joint project aimed to support the ukrainian public web startups.

  • -- Elections Night. The real time news from the Presidential elections in Ukraine. (Ukrainian Language).
  • -- UA Today -- the older mirror of the popular web newspaper.

  • -- Inter@ctivity. The Internet Review Webzine by Alex Yamkovoy -- the latest news of ukrainian web.
  • -- InterWeekend. Another Internet Webzine by Oleg Khavruk.
  • -- iberNet. Огляд околиць Інтернету.
  • -- Ukrainian LinkList Review. Ukrainian Online Magazine.
  • -- Bohodukhiv Online.

  • -- Travel to Ukraine. Magnificent guide to Ukraine featuring buch of pictures, the best online map of Ukraine, unofficial page of Kyiv Zoo and much more. (Russian/English Languages)
  • -- Guide to Ukraine. A lot of interesting information about Ukraine, including the last news and events here. (English Language).
  • -- Ukrains'ka Ideya (Ukrainian Idea). The web project devoted to the development of Ukraine's independence. (Ukrainian Language).
  • -- Ukrainian Sport Digest. Latest ukrainian sports news. (Russian Language).
  • -- Andy's Humor Page. Some fancy humor from Kyiv. (Russian/Ukrainian Language)
  • -- Kyiv ICQ Center. The center of ICQ users from Kyiv.
  • -- Economy 2000. The challenging forecats of the Economic and political development of Ukraine and the world in the next millennium.
  • -- Alex Yamkovoy Personal Project.
  • -- Ukrainian Chat Server.

  • -- PRO.COM.UA Web Design Studio.
  • -- Alexei Pogoretsky web design studio.
  • -- Krypton web design studio.
  • Banner Shop Exchange shop for banners from different banner systems.

  • UCBL -- Ukrainian Campaign to Ban Landmines -- a public organization for humanitarian mine clearance and mine victim assistance programmes..
  • -- Euro-Atlantic Foundation.
  • -- Kyiv Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Official Server.
  • -- Italian Institute of Foreighn Trade. Official server.

    Our Customers' Projects:

  • -- Web Advertising Hosting. Web hosting with banner advertizing and internet promotion. (Created by RusMas Web Idea) and Oleg Baranovsky
  • -- UkrTorgImpex Terminal. International Spedition Company. (Created by Studio)
  • -- Webchat "Babylon". Interactive web chat server. (Created by RusMas Web Idea)
  • -- Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Official server. (Created by RusMas Web Idea)
  • -- 100% Woman. TV Talk Show with Tet-a-Tet Official Website. (Created by RusMas Web Idea)
  • -- TON Computer Company. (Created by RusMas Web Idea)
  • -- The Idiocratic Party of Ukraine. (Created by RusMas Web Idea)
  • -- Alexei Mas Websiate. (Created by RusMas Web Idea)
  • -- Valeriy Baibarza site. Under Construction. (Created by RusMas Web Idea)
  • -- Yalta City. Interactive web guide to the popular Crimean Resort. (Created by RusMas Web Idea)  

  • Ukrainian Banner Network
    SESNA -- Ukrainian Search Hryvia Currency Converter. Ukrainian Poetry Library. Digital Atlas of Ukraine 
-- Interactive Map Server Kyiv Photo Gallery.
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