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UA Zone Digital Atlas of Ukraine.

UA Zone presents: the Digital Atlas of Ukraine...

This is going to be the comprehensive online GeoInformation System on Ukraine. It will contain digital maps of Ukraine, maps of regions (oblasts) and main cities with various useful information databses: roads, railways, cities, natural resources, monuments, minerals and much, much more.

Currently the entire project is in the process of creation. We would like to invite all the interested individuals to participate in this project.

Also, if you have any vector maps of Ukraine, ukrainian cities, or oblasts in any reasonable format we would appreciate a lot if you can share those data with us. Just write us back to

Please note, that this project is under development now. What you see here now is a very preliminary beta versions, so please be patient and excuse us the problems you may experience accessing this project. We are working hard to make it better ;-)

These maps are created for usie in computerised Geo Informational Systems (GIS) and are not a replacement for a consumer service like Google Maps. If that's what you are looking for, you might want to check our other clickable map of Ukraine here: or one of the third party links at the bottom of this page.

Attention! Our digital maps use the third party JShape Java appet to render the maps. The latest Java VM has to be installed at your computer in order to run any of our digital maps. Please go to and install the latest Java VM before trying any of these maps.

These digital maps use java applet to run. It might take some time to download the applet altogether with digital map data.

Every time you may click onto the main Digital Atlas logo at the top in order to get to this index page.

More Interactive Maps of Ukraine

Here are some other (non UA Zone) interactive maps of Ukraine available on the Net:

  • Map of Ukraine from AtlasUA
  • Map of Ukraine from Meta.

  • Some detailed topographic maps of Ukraine


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    Copyright © 1998 by UA Zone Group, Intl.
    Project created by Alexandr Khoroshun and Oleg Baranovsky.

    JShape java applet courtesy of Shiuh-Lin Lee.