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UA Zone represents: SESNA -- Ukrainian Search Engine...
SESNA -- Search Ukrainian Web for:

How to add SESNA search functionality to your web page:

Pretty simple. Just add the following code to your web page...

<!-- -------------- Search form code --------------- -->
<form method="GET" action="">
<table border=0 bgcolor="#ffcc44" cellspacing=0 cellpadding=5 width=600>
<b>SESNA -- Search Ukrainian Web for:</b><br>
<input name="q" size=40 maxlength=200> <input type=submit value=" Search "><br>
</td><td align=right>
<font size=-1><a href="">SESNA Home</a></font>   <br>
<font size=-1><a href="">Add Your Link</a></font>  
<!-- ------------- END Search form code ------------- -->

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