Ukrainian Campaign to Ban Landmines objectives and goals 

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1. In order to do this we should make known and recognised our mission by the population of Ukraine, to spread widely all information pertinent to this problem. We intend to spread this information in Ukrainian mass media, including radio, TV, Internet and newspapers. One of the possible options is publishing of Ukrainian version of Land Mines Monitor. 

2.Organize Ukrainian Mine Action InfoCentre, which will work in most mine-affected countries. 

We have a lot of qualified, experienced  demining specialists in our country, and  to carry out this programme we have to overcome some organizational difficulties (for ex. to provide people with good insurance policies) 

3.Achieve the ratification of Ottawa Mine Ban  Treaty by Ukrainian Parliament. 

This can be done only in conjunction with other Ukrainian government and non-government organizations. To achieve this objective, there are two necessary (but not sufficient) conditions: 

- education of Ukrainian population about significance and importance of Landmine Ban; 

- good cooperation with foreign and domestic NGO and other influential bodies, which deal with this problem. 

We ask you supporting in creation of Ukrainian Mine Action InfoCentre. 

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