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Monument to the Victims of Babyn Yar. .

Babyn Yar (also spelled Baby Yar or Babi Yar is large ravine on the northern edge of the city of Kyiv. Massacre of Babyn Yar is one of the the darkest pages of World War II. September 29-30, 1941, over a 36-hour period, nearly 34,000 Jews were marched in small groups to the outskirts of the city, stripped naked, and machine-gunned into the ravine, which was immediately covered over, with some of the victims still alive. As the German armies retreated from the Soviet Union, the Nazis attempted to hide the evidence of the slaughter. During August and September 1943, the bodies were exhumed by slave labour and burned in large pyres. Killings in Babyn Yar though continued till the very last day of Nazi occupation.

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