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We receive a lot of questions about finding relatives in Ukraine, tracing genealogy roots etc. Unfortunately we are not able to help people to do that. But... There are a lot of agencies specialized on search of relatives, archive documents, tracing genealogy. You can find the list of such services here: Agencies that can help you find your roots in Ukraine.

First of all please read Searching for Lost Ukrainian Relatives of American Citizens document provided by the US Embassy in Kiev.

There are also web pages with such a services at:
Ukrainian Genealogy & Heritage Page by Gregory A. Gressa
Federation of East European Family History Societies.

Most of Ukrainian roots research web sites are organized into the Ukrainian Roots Webring. So, you may try to visit this ring in order to get more info.

We hope to provide more information here soon.
If you have such information and whant it to appear here please contact me at: