Ukrainian Banner Network

NEWSPAPERS/MAGAZINES A small but growing number of foreign newspapers and magazines, such as the Wall Street Journal, International Herald Tribune, Financial Times, Newsweek, Time, and The Economist are available in hotel lobbies for hard currency, usually the day after publication. Prices are high even by Western standards, and availability is unpredictable.

Vechirniy KyyivAn independent newspaper of the capital of Ukraine. First published in February 1919. Published in Ukrainian and Russian. Circulation is 32,000.
Vseukrainskiye VedomostiAn independent newspaper. Circulation is approximately 70,000 issues.
Holos UkrayinuThe state owned newspaper of the Parliament of Ukraine. First published in 1990. Circulation is 380,290 issues.
Kiyevskiye VedomostiA privately owned newspaper. Circulation is 105,000 issues.
Kyyivskyi VisnykA private newspaper owned by the advertizing agency RIA. Circulation is 18,000 issues.
Ukrayina MolodaA state owned newspaper. Circulation is 50,000 issues.
Uriadovyi KurierA state owned newspaper of the Government of Ukraine. Circulation is 177,000.
Kyiv PostAn English language newspaper that is available free at many of the import stores. It offer good restaurant and entertainment guides.

RADIO AND TELEVISION - Television and radio programming in Ukraine provides regular news broadcasts and basic information about Ukraine and international affairs in both Russian and Ukrainian. Children's programs and coverage of domestic and international sports events are usually good, but a knowledge of either Russian or Ukraine is also required. There are some programs in English broadcast by CNBC Superchannel in the mornings, but the programming is not always regular.

The Ukrainian system is SECAM DK with a 6.5 megahertz audio-video separation. You should have a multisystem TV to be able to review local programs as well as VCR's with MTSC, PAL, and SECAM DK capability. Multisystem television sets should be programmed to receive SECAM SK. Japanese and other foreign sets are on sale at a number of stores. The prices are high by Western standards.

Radio programs on 's stations begin early in the morning. Much of the programming is musical, mainly classical, folk and rock. A good shortwave radio is required to receive Voice of America, BBC World Service, and Radio Liberty.

State owned:UT 1 - Ukrainian state television, first channel.
UT 2 - Ukrainian television, second channel.
INTER - Joint channel. Broadcasts some programs of ORT (Russian Public Television).
Privately owned:ICTV (International Commercial TV) [Channel 32]
Commercial Channel 7
Tonis [Channel 25]
Gravis [Channel 35]

Promin state owned radio company, meter frequency.
Gala Radio (broadcast VOA) 100 FM
Music Radio 101 FM 101.550 FM
Radio Rocks 104 FM.
Radio Kievskie Vedomosti 106 FM.
Radio Europa Plus 107 FM.